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References Film:

AL SHAFAQ – WHEN HEAVEN DEVIDES (TURKEY/CH/90′). A fiction by Esen Isik. With Kida Khodr Ramadan, Max Image, UA 2019, Original Score written and produced by Marcel Vaid ("additional music" by André Bellmont). Performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra (EastConnection), Conducted by André Bellmont, Orchestrator: Jonas Zellweger.

Chris the Swiss, Documentary, 2018 by Anja Kofmehl / Dschoint Ventschr, Music: Marcel Vaid ("additional music" by André Bellmont), Orchestrated by: Jonas Zellweger and André Bellmont); 2018 at the Film Festival in Cannes,

Staatenlos (Doc CH 2016, Erich Schmid, Music: Marcel Vaid / André Bellmont / Budapest Art Orchestra (EastConnection), Premiere September 25 2016 at the Zurich Film Festival.

International Filmmusic Competition (2013 and 2015: artistic and musical direction, arranger) with Zurich Chamber Orchestra and Zurich Jazz Orchestra

"The General"Meschugge-Film 2010 (Documentary CH 2009, Music: Rodolphe Schacher and André Bellmont / Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich)

"Giulias Verschwinden", 2009 (Music: Balz Bachmann, Orchestration: Jonas Zellweger, Studio-Conducting: André Bellmont)

bill das absolute augenmass, directed by Erich Schmid about Max Bill in the year of his 100th birthday (Documentary CH 2008, Music: André Bellmont, Winner of the  "Semaine de la critique" at the 61th Film Festival Locarno)

"Le Monde à L'Envers" (Feature Film, CH/F/I 1998, Music: Alex Kirschner, Orchestration and Studio-Conducting: André Bellmont)

"Inside Hollywood" (short film, Los Angeles 1992, Music, Orchestration und Studio-Conducting: André Bellmont)